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Luma AI’s Dream Machine Expands Access to Generative AI Video Creation

2024 Jun 13 8 mins read

Artificial intelligence startup Luma AI Inc. has launched Dream Machine, a new tool for generating high-quality videos f...

Fabless AI Chip Makers Rebellions and Sapeon to Merge as Competition Heats Up in Global AI Hardware Industry

2024 Jun 12 8 mins read

South Korea's fabless AI chip startups, Rebellions and Sapeon, have announced a strategic merger to lead the domestic ma...

Industrial Cybersecurity Firm XONA Raises $18M for Zero-Trust User Access Enhancement

2024 Jun 11 10 mins read

Industrial zero-trust cybersecurity startup XONA Systems Inc. has raised $18 million in new funding to enhance its opera...

Generative AI and Cleantech Show Growth Despite Overall VC Downturn

2024 Jun 10 9 mins read

A new report released today by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network on the current state of startups i...

Apple Needs to Focus on Making AI Useful, Not Flashy

2024 Jun 09 9 mins read

As Google and Microsoft showcase their generative AI advancements, all eyes turn to Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer...

Microsoft Makes Windows’ Recall Feature Opt-In Following Cybersecurity Concerns

2024 Jun 08 9 mins read

Microsoft Corp. is moving to change its new Recall tool for Windows after drawing regulatory scrutiny in the U.K. and cr...

Google Acquires Virtual App Delivery Platform Cameyo

2024 Jun 06 13 mins read

Google LLC today announced that it has acquired Cameyo Inc., a virtual application delivery platform for remote work, br...

Kneron Launches Edge ‘GPT in a Box’ Server and AI-Embedded PCs with New Chip

2024 Jun 05 8 mins read

Kneron Inc., a San Diego-based full-stack artificial intelligence company that builds neural processing units, today ann...

Google Details AI Overviews Changes Designed to Tackle Inaccurate Content

2024 Jun 01 12 mins read

Google LLC has updated its AI Overviews feature to reduce the likelihood of displaying inaccurate information in search...

After FBI Takedown, Hacking Site BreachForums Returns Using Original Domain

2024 May 29 9 mins read

Infamous hacking site BreachForums is back online just two weeks after being taken down by the FBI and DOJ, now operatin...

Elon Musk’s xAI Secures $6B in Funding, Valuation Soars to $24B

2024 May 28 5 mins read

Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, has raised $6 billion in a Series B funding round, boosting its valuation to $24 billion. T...

Elon Musk’s xAI Raises $6B from Valor, a16z, and Sequoia

2024 May 27 8 mins read

Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, has raised $6 billion in a new funding round, positioning itself to compete aggressively wi...

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