Apple Needs to Focus on Making AI Useful, Not Flashy

Jun 09, 2024 9 mins read

As Google and Microsoft showcase their generative AI advancements, all eyes turn to Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, expected to introduce Apple Intelligence. Amidst intense pressure, Apple must prioritize practical and reliable AI features over flashy promises to meet user expectations and enhance device utility.


Google and Microsoft have made their developer meetings a exhibit of their generative AI chops, and now all eyes are on subsequent week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is anticipated to mark the debut of Apple Intelligence.

The Cupertino-based employer is going through quite a few pressure. Apple has fallen at the back of its peers inside the AI race, and it probably feels love it desires to tug out all the stops to affect fans and shareholders. But that shouldn’t imply overpromising on features.

Reliability First

Apple makes a number of the maximum famous devices on this planet, and its AI features should serve to make them more beneficial. A lot of AI-powered capabilities rely upon going lower back to the cloud to get solutions or inputs returned. However, if Apple manages to run some beneficial capabilities domestically on-tool, customers would possibly ditch the cloud-based totally gear in choose of constantly to be had AI. Offline transcriptions within the Voice Memo and Notes apps ought to suit the bill.

Apple will likely display summaries of notifications and net pages, basic textual content era, and picture modifying. However, heaps of browsers, observe-taking apps, and image-modifying apps already have those. Apple desires to make its implementation as clean and seamless as possible to make it stand out.

Privacy First

Apple is probably to bolster its privateness-first technique, so it might not deliver Siri or AI-powered functions loose rein to take control of all apps. According to a Bloomberg document, only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPads or Macs with M1 or later chips gets AI functions, and they will be decide-in. If that is actual, notwithstanding lagging the AI feature adoption curve, Apple remains cautious and doesn’t want to be stuck in the consumer backlash.

The corporation became recently criticized for its iPad “Crush” ad, which showed innovative devices being destroyed below a hydraulic press. This become seen as Apple undervaluing creators, their equipment, and the effort it takes to make artwork via packaging it right into a narrow capitalist package. With AI already having a bad rep among creators, Apple won't want to irk them once more. So it's going to possibly take a non-arguable technique.

Improving Siri

The biggest alternate predicted is for Apple to revamp Siri to understand users’ queries higher and supply more correct consequences. Currently, Siri can’t multitask. If you ask the assistant to set a ten-minute timer and a 5-minute timer, it's going to set one for 15 minutes as an alternative. These things won't need generative AI’s assist to clear up, but Siri’s revamp need to as a minimum have them.

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