Kneron Launches Edge ‘GPT in a Box’ Server and AI-Embedded PCs with New Chip

Jun 05, 2024 8 mins read

Kneron Inc., a San Diego-based full-stack artificial intelligence company that builds neural processing units, today announced the launch of its latest Edge AI server and a new AI-embedded PC chip for the low-power market.


Kneron Inc., a main complete-stack synthetic intelligence corporation primarily based in San Diego, has unveiled its modern day innovations within the field of Edge AI. The company announced the launch of the KNEO 330, its 2nd non-public "Edge GPT" server, and a new AI-embedded PC chip designed for the low-power market.

The KNEO 330 server, defined as "GPT in a field," boasts 48 TOPs of AI computing electricity and helps up to 8 concurrent connections. It is able to handling AI inference, big language fashions, and stable diffusion. This server is the successor to the KNEO 300, which turned into launched in 2023 and has on account that been followed by company customers across numerous sectors, inclusive of manufacturing, economic services, and academia.

Albert Liu, Kneron's CEO, emphasized the importance of privacy and protection in AI programs, especially for sensitive fields like scientific, monetary establishments, and regulation corporations. The KNEO 330 lets in groups to use AI fashions inside the privateness in their firewalls, the usage of agency information without the need to send it to the cloud. This function is in particular beneficial for institutions like Stanford University and the University of California at Los Angeles, in which records privateness regulations save you body of workers from importing facts to external AI offerings like ChatGPT.

The KNEO 330 operates at extremely low power, consuming most effective about 20 watts, a stark contrast to Nvidia Corp.'s H100 workhorse, which has a height draw of round seven hundred watts. This performance makes it an attractive option for institutions searching for effective but energy-efficient AI solutions.

In addition to the KNEO 330, Kneron delivered the KL830, its 1/3-era NPU chip for AI-embedded non-public computer systems. This chip can paintings alongside a CPU and GPU to run AI applications at reduced energy and value, allowing the manufacturing of low-fee AI PCs. Liu highlighted that the KL830 chip transforms a PC right into a "private GPT," saving 30% on energy use and increasing product lifetimes whilst combined with a main GPU. The chip has a height power consumption of simply two watts.

The KL830 chip is likewise flexible, suitable for embedding in business packages for AI IoT gadgets. It is available as a USB dongle, enabling any tool, which includes a broadband router, digicam, or classic PC, to become area AI-enabled.

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