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Google goes all in on generative AI at Google Cloud Next

2024 Apr 15 7 mins read

Google's strong focus on generative AI takes center stage at Google Cloud Next, highlighting the company's commitment to...

Samsung Secures FDA Approval for Sleep Apnea Detection Feature on Galaxy Watch

2024 Feb 10 6 mins read

Samsung's Galaxy Watch achieves a milestone with FDA approval for its sleep apnea detection feature, a first in smartwat...

Apple Defends Parts Pairing Amid Oregon's Right-to-Repair Bill Discussion

2024 Feb 10 4 mins read

Apple supports Oregon's right-to-repair bill but raises concerns about "parts pairing," emphasizing its importance for d...

WhatsApp's Third-Party Chat Support: A Game-Changer Ahead of DMA Deadline

2024 Feb 07 6 mins read

WhatsApp prepares to roll out third-party chat support, aligning with DMA regulations and marking a significant step tow...

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Controllers in Laravel

2024 Feb 07 7 mins read

Creating controllers in Laravel is an essential step in building your web application's logic. Follow this comprehensive...

how to create migration in laravel

2024 Feb 06 5 mins read

Discover how to efficiently manage blog post data in Laravel with migrations. Follow this concise guide to set up your b...

Snap Announces Layoffs as Revenue Growth Returns

2024 Feb 06 6 mins read

Snap Inc. is letting go of 10% of its workforce, about 500 employees, after returning to revenue growth. This aims to bo...

How to Build Your First Laravel Project: A Step-by-Step Guide with Composer

2024 Feb 05 5 mins read

Embark on your Laravel journey with confidence! This comprehensive guide walks you through the process of creating your...

Paytm in Turmoil: Unraveling the Flux in India's Tech Landscape

2024 Feb 05 4 mins read

Dive into the disruptions as Paytm navigates a transformative phase. Explore the latest challenges and opportunities sha...

Naboo Revolutionizes Corporate Seminars with Airbnb-Inspired Experience

2024 Feb 05 6 mins read

Naboo: Airbnb for Corporate Seminars. Elevate your business events with Naboo's innovative platform, redefining seminar...

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