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Google Details AI Overviews Changes Designed to Tackle Inaccurate Content

2024 Jun 01 12 mins read

Google LLC has updated its AI Overviews feature to reduce the likelihood of displaying inaccurate information in search...

After FBI Takedown, Hacking Site BreachForums Returns Using Original Domain

2024 May 29 9 mins read

Infamous hacking site BreachForums is back online just two weeks after being taken down by the FBI and DOJ, now operatin...

Elon Musk’s xAI Secures $6B in Funding, Valuation Soars to $24B

2024 May 28 5 mins read

Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, has raised $6 billion in a Series B funding round, boosting its valuation to $24 billion. T...

Elon Musk’s xAI Raises $6B from Valor, a16z, and Sequoia

2024 May 27 8 mins read

Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, has raised $6 billion in a new funding round, positioning itself to compete aggressively wi...

Google to Invest $350M in Indian E-commerce Marketplace Flipkart

2024 May 26 9 mins read

Google LLC is buying a $350 million stake in Flipkart Pvt Ltd., India’s largest e-commerce company. Bloomberg reported t...

EU Asks Microsoft to Provide Information About Bing’s Generative AI Features

2024 May 18 10 mins read

European Union officials have issued Microsoft Corp. a legally binding request for information about two generative arti...

Google Roars Back in AI, AWS Has a New CEO, and Big Money Keeps Flowing Into Enterprise Software

2024 May 18 21 mins read

If anyone thought Google was going to continue to lose ground to Microsoft and OpenAI in the artificial intelligence era...

Google Releases Second Android 15 Beta Alongside Broader Ecosystem Updates

2024 May 16 15 mins read

The Android team at Google LLC today unveiled the second developer beta for Android 15, the next milestone toward the fi...

Google Faces Fresh Competition as TikTok and OpenAI Team Up for Enhanced AI Search

2024 May 15 8 mins read

OpenAI and TikTok are joining forces to enhance AI search capabilities, posing a fresh challenge to Google's dominance....

OpenAI Unleashes GPT-4o, a New Flagship Model with Real-Time Multimodal Capabilities

2024 May 14 11 mins read

OpenAI upped its artificial intelligence game today with a new flagship AI model named GPT-4o that can respond in real t...

Google DeepMind Unveils AlphaFold 3: Revolutionizing Biomolecule Structure Prediction

2024 May 09 11 mins read

Google DeepMind introduces AlphaFold 3, its latest neural network model designed to predict the structure of biomolecule...

Line Man Wongnai Contemplates Dual IPO in Thailand and US in 2025, Eyeing Strategic Expansion

2024 May 09 8 mins read

Line Man Wongnai, a prominent food delivery app in Thailand, is mulling over an initial public offering (IPO) in either...

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