PCB Chief Intervenes to Change Pakistan Team’s Hotel in New York for T20 World Cup

Jun 06, 2024 5 mins read

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi took swift action regarding the accommodation arrangements for the Pakistan cricket team in New York. Sources revealed that Naqvi's intervention led to a change in the team's hotel. Dissatisfied with the initial hotel, Naqvi contacted the ICC and persuaded the event organizers to relocate the team to a more convenient location.


PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi took rapid movement regarding the accommodation arrangements for the Pakistan cricket group in New York. Sources found out that Naqvi's intervention brought about a change in the group's lodge. Dissatisfied with the initial resort, Naqvi contacted the ICC and persuaded the occasion organizers to relocate the group to a extra convenient location.

The original lodge became a 90-minute drive from the stadium, while the newly assigned hotel is only a five-minute power away.

Naqvi communicated to the ICC that he would no longer allow his group to bear lengthy commutes for his or her T20 World Cup matches, including those scheduled for June 9 and 11 in New York. Naqvi emphasized to the ICC that if the hotel changed into not modified, he would ensure the group’s comfort with the aid of relocating them on the PCB’s rate.

It have to be referred to that whilst the Indian team become accommodated simply 10 minutes from the ground, other groups, consisting of South Africa and Sri Lanka, had raised concerns about their accommodations, which changed into over an hour far from the stadium.

The Pakistan cricket crew is ready to go away for New York without delay after their healthy against the USA on Thursday. They will face India on June nine, Canada on June 11, and their final first-spherical fit could be against Ireland on June sixteen.

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