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Swarm Markets’ Gold-Backed NFTs Expand Real-World Asset Tokenization Sector

2024 Jun 25 5 mins read

Tokenization is transforming the investment landscape by bridging traditional and digital asset markets. Swarm Markets,...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prepping for Fall Below $60,000 Next

2024 Jun 24 3 mins read

History shows that Bitcoin (BTC) price correction is inevitable whether it is a bull market or not. However, this cycle...

Binance Under Fire for Alleged Employee Dismissal Amid Market Manipulation Concerns

2024 May 09 8 mins read

Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, faces scrutiny over allegations of firing an employee who flagged...

Understanding the Recent Downturn in the Crypto Market

2024 May 08 6 mins read

Exploring the factors behind the current dip in the crypto market, including altcoin declines, regulatory news, and tech...

Bitcoin Nears Halving: Market Braces for $5 Billion Sell-Off and $122,000 Bull Target

2024 Apr 15 9 mins read

Bitcoin is approaching its halving event, leading to speculation of a potential $5 billion sell-off and a bullish target...

Potential Vulnerability in Telegram Raises Concerns

2024 Apr 14 5 mins read

Blockchain security firm CertiK has issued a cautionary notice regarding a possible vulnerability detected in Telegram’s...

Dogecoin (DOGE) Network Activity Signals Momentum Surge

2024 Feb 10 5 mins read

The Dogecoin (DOGE) network has witnessed a surge in activity, accompanied by a corresponding increase in its price over...

The Impact of a 2.74 Million Chainlink (LINK) Purchase by a Crypto Whale on Prices

2024 Feb 07 5 mins read

Explore the implications of a major crypto whale's purchase of 2.74 million Chainlink (LINK) tokens and its anticipated...

Vast Bank Halts Digital Asset Services: Crypto-Friendly Era Comes to an End

2024 Feb 07 8 mins read

Explore the recent decision by Vast Bank to discontinue its digital asset services, marking a significant shift in the b...

Decoding Vitalik Buterin's Enthusiasm: The Reasons Behind His Bullish Stance on This Decentralized Social Media Network

2024 Feb 06 6 mins read

Uncover the mystery behind Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin's strong endorsement of a decentralized social media netw...

Ethereum Name Services (ENS) and GoDaddy Forge Powerful Partnership, ENS Surges by 14%

2024 Feb 06 5 mins read

Dive into the crypto-sphere's latest collaboration as Ethereum Name Services (ENS) teams up with domain giant GoDaddy. E...

FTX's Strategic Move: Seeks Court Approval for 8% Stake Sale in AI Firm Anthropic

2024 Feb 05 6 mins read

Delve into the intersection of finance and artificial intelligence as FTX makes headlines by seeking court approval for...

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