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Industrial Cybersecurity Firm XONA Raises $18M for Zero-Trust User Access Enhancement

2024 Jun 11 10 mins read

Industrial zero-trust cybersecurity startup XONA Systems Inc. has raised $18 million in new funding to enhance its opera...

Microsoft Makes Windows’ Recall Feature Opt-In Following Cybersecurity Concerns

2024 Jun 08 9 mins read

Microsoft Corp. is moving to change its new Recall tool for Windows after drawing regulatory scrutiny in the U.K. and cr...

Business-to-Business Coop Key to Pak, China Bright Future

2024 Jun 06 65 mins read

Shehbaz guarantees facilitation, security to Chinese investments. Invites Huawei to invest in Pakistan’s safe city, taxa...

Google Releases Second Android 15 Beta Alongside Broader Ecosystem Updates

2024 May 16 15 mins read

The Android team at Google LLC today unveiled the second developer beta for Android 15, the next milestone toward the fi...

PTI Calls for End to Political Interference by Security Forces

2024 May 11 16 mins read

The PTI core committee criticizes recent statements from security agencies and condemns actions against peaceful protest...

Potential Vulnerability in Telegram Raises Concerns

2024 Apr 14 5 mins read

Blockchain security firm CertiK has issued a cautionary notice regarding a possible vulnerability detected in Telegram’s...

Apple Defends Parts Pairing Amid Oregon's Right-to-Repair Bill Discussion

2024 Feb 10 4 mins read

Apple supports Oregon's right-to-repair bill but raises concerns about "parts pairing," emphasizing its importance for d...

Optimism's Ethereum (ETH) Withdrawal Pause: Enhancing Network Security

2024 Feb 10 3 mins read

Optimism's decision to temporarily pause Ethereum (ETH) withdrawals is part of a strategic initiative aimed at fortifyin...

Tragedy Strikes Balochistan: 26 Lives Lost in Consecutive Blasts Near Election Offices

2024 Feb 07 16 mins read

Discover the impact of twin blasts near election offices in Balochistan, leaving 26 dead and many injured. Unveil the re...

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